Saturday, 4 April 2009

Plenty more pendants and a very special ogham set ...

The wonderful ogham set pictured above is made up of carefully selected pieces which have been gathered together over several years. Most of the pieces are slightly different, in shape or texture, from the standard corresponding staves and the set is full of natural twists, knobbles, triple tips, graining and lichen, all bringing out the full character of each type of wood. You can find full details here.
The pendants shown directly above and below have to be my two favourite ones out of this bunch. You can feel the age of them, the sense of the wildness of their time. They're wonderful to hold and I would imagine they're even more special to wear. Both of the pendants have been crafted from ice age red deer antler which is around 11,000 years old. The one pictured above is decorated with a neolithic shooting star and the one below has a prehistoric spiral pattern. You can find details of these pendants, and all the other carved ones here.

The Runewheel shown above has been carved from ice age mammoth ivory, again around 11,000 years old. The whole pendant is gently curved showing the original huge size of the animal's tusk. You can find details of this pendant, and the Ice age antler ogham ring pendant shown directly above it, here.

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