Monday, 7 September 2009

Ancient Oak Rune Set with Birch bark box

Ancient Oak Runes with Birch bark box

This gorgeous set is very special ... the runes are crafted from naturally windfallen wood from an ancient oak. The wood is incredibly beautiful - full of warm red-brown hues and wonderful shapes. 

The set is stored within a traditional birch bark box which is completely handcrafted using prehistoric methods and materials. Even the scent of this box is wonderful! A rich aroma of the natural oils in the birch bark along with beeswax and pine resin from the ancient recipe glue used. Scrumptious! 

You can find details of the runes and box on the main Runes page.

I've also listed new pendants recently and didn't get the chance to add the details on here (end of the school summer holidays madness!). you can find them here on the main Spirit of Old website.


  1. Oh yes... I love these Oak Runes. Very beautifully made!
    The Oak is my favourite tree.:)
    The stitching on the Birch box is perfect.
    Best wishes, Jo May.

  2. Wow, these are beautiful! And the box is a perfect way to present them. I think they're fab!