Wednesday, 21 July 2010

We stumbled across a crop circle!

We were driving through the countryside this afternoon and spotted a crop circle in a wheat field next to the road. I haven't walked inside one for years! You can get an idea of the size of it from the picture above - one large centre circle with eight smaller ones around the outside. The outside circles were all interconnected with a thin ring, shown below.
You can find some more information here on an interesting website called Crop Circle Connector. You can find a good diagram of the circle layout here. Our littlest boy is now completely wowed by the idea of crop circles and ufos ... what's your theory on it all?

When I look through these photos I realise just how beautiful the land is around us! A very English summer's scene :)


  1. Very cool!! Would love it if they started happening around here in the Northeast, US... but as far as I know they happen in the Midwest America.

    And, yes, lovely English summer scene!
    Blessings from the forest in America....

  2. It´s realy so a wonderful country.
    And this mystic musik which has expected me here...I say Thank´s for.
    Grey Owl