Saturday, 4 December 2010

25% off *all* pendants!


25% off *all* pendants and beads until the end of December - perfect for Christmas gifts!

Don't forget there is also currently 25% off all wands and athames too.

If you're not in the UK please order before Wednesday 8th December for Christmas delivery (or by Monday 6th December if you need a wristband to be woven), thanks :~)

You can find the main jewellery page by clicking here and full details of the current offers here.

It's not marked on the main website yet, I thought I'd give you advance warning so you can get in quick if you have your eye on something in particular ... I'll be updating the main website this evening.

The photo above is of my two best furry friends playing together in the deep snowfall which has enveloped almost the whole of Britain. It was little Scampy's first time in snow and she wasn't too sure what to make of it when it went over her legs and up to her middle! Before long though she was bombing around couldn't get enough of it! 


  1. I've just received my Goddess !!!
    She so lovely, magic and ILOVE HER !!
    Thank you very much
    Brightest Blessing )O(

  2. Wonderful news! Thank you for telling me and I'm so pleased you're happy with her :~)