Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Etsy and Folksy Ravens

We've very recently started listing a few of the website items on Etsy and Folksy just to try something different and test the waters a little. Two newly-crafted Raven dream pendants were ready for listing today so we've added the one above to Folksy and the one below to Etsy. For now, they're available through those sites rather than the main Spirit of Old site but if you'd like to purchase either and you're not a member of the sites please email me at enquiries@spiritof

Above: Rowan Raven dream pendant and birch bark box listed here on, priced at £60. This dream pendant is crafted from pale-coloured rowan wood and is carved into a beautifully detailed raven. Rowan has long associations with witchcraft and protection.

Below: Alder Raven dream pendant and birch bark box listed here on, priced at US$115. Ravens and alder are both traditionally associated with the Celtic god, Bran. Amongst the Celts, the raven was a very sacred bird and they have long been seen as protectors and birds of prophecy.

Both pendants are handcrafted from wood gathered within the Wessex area of Britain. They are threaded onto cord thonging and filled with mugwort which was respectfully gathered from next to the prehistoric site of Stonehenge in southern Britain. They also rest upon a bed of mugwort within a birch bark storage box when not in use.

Mugwort has been used for millennia to aid clairvoyance, lucid dreaming and astral projection. Our ancestors drank tea made from the leaves and it has also been used in incenses or smoked to induce visions. The pendants are infused with the energies of this potent ancient herb from both inside and out and are charged with the spirit of the ancient people of Stonehenge.

They are perfectly suited for those seeking night-visions and dream journeys but are also suitable for everyday wear, a special talisman or a beautiful gift. As an alternative to wearing the pendants, they are also ideal for hanging near the bed for a dream charm.

My walk to photograph the ravens today took me past trees which were full of the colours of the English autumn and I kicked my way through their fallen leaves ... I adore this time of year ... the golden sun was simply breathtaking and you can see it casting its light in a few of the above photos. It's a time for teapots filled with steaming tea, picnics of hot soup and fresh bread and cobwebs covered with morning dew. Keep a look-out for plenty more photos as the weeks go on ... :~)


  1. hello:-)) i am a reader from germany, witch and 41 years old. i love your blog side, the natural things etc.- i wish you a blessing samhain ( and spoookyyy halloween) and send hugs . lg from sonnengewand^^v^^

  2. Thanks for your lovely comments ... I hope you have a wonderful Samhain too :~)