Wednesday, 20 October 2010

New divination sets with ash bark boxes

Three new divination sets have just been added to the Spirit of Old site which come complete with their own sturdy ash bark boxes, priced at £80 each. They're all so lovely that it's too hard to pick a favourite but I just adore the colours within the Avalonian runes below. It's almost as if they hold autumn within them ...

Above: Rune staves crafted from hazel which was gathered from a copse overlooking the ancient sacred site of Stonehenge in southern Britain.
Below: Nestled in their ash bark box.

Above: Celtic bog oak ogham staves with their ash bark box.
Below: A selection of the ash bark boxes. They're such wonderful little boxes, each with its own character and having an air of the Fae around them. Bark has been used by mankind for millennia for making containers and these are created with natural materials including cedar root which is used to sew the join.

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