Monday, 7 February 2011

Native Corresponding Runes ... One set available!

Imbolc has been and gone ... did you have a good one? It was very grey here ... and still is! Blustery, stormy and just very, very grey! One of our customers in a recent email described the sky as being "grey as a mouse" ... I like that description very much.

I must admit though that this year I feel very grateful to have this kind of weather after seeing so many countries on the news suffering so much. It really brings home the sheer power of Nature ... Australia seems to be being battered by everything at the moment :~(

I think a little of our English grey has even seeped into the photos a little this time as the light was just so poor but I couldn't bear to wait to photograph them! Over the last few months we've had many, many emails about when the Native Woods corresponding rune sets will be available again. We're hoping to gather some new materials for them at some point in the (fairly) near future to make them available for regular ordering again but, for now, Andy (Spirit of Old's craftsman) has gathered the pieces for a one-off set complete with its own rowan bark box.

I'm in the process of adding a few new items to the website over the course of today/ tomorrow but just wanted to post a little note on here first so that if you've been patiently waiting to grab a set you can let me know before anyone else orders it first ;~) If you are interested, you're welcome to email me (Lou) at or you can wait until it's on the main website and I'll add an instant buy button.

Above and below: Native Woods Corresponding Rune set with Rowan Bark box. Item number D113. Price: £90 plus usual P+P. When it's been uploaded the set will be listed here.

Above and below: Wild Honeysuckle Imbolc wand with Ogham Core. The honeysuckle was gathered and crafted on Imbolc and the resulting wand feels full of that wild spirit so noticeable in Nature at the moment ... Item number: W493. Price: £60 plus usual P+P. When it has been uploaded, this wand will be listed here.

Above and below: Avalonian Ogham wand with Mugwort Core. The handle of this wand is hollow and filled with dried mugwort which was respectfully gathered from near to Stonehenge. A neat plug permanently seals the mugwort safely inside and the ogham alphabet scrolls around the wand. Item number: W494. Price: £50 plus usual P+P. When it has been uploaded, the wand will be listed here.


  1. Ah !! wonderful !!
    I go to the site again and i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the
    Yew protection pendant !! I go to see it every week ;o))) when I 'll got money I order it !!! I hope that it will be there ;o)))
    Have a enchanted week
    magicals blessing

  2. love this work ! love your presentation !