Friday, 11 February 2011

Postage costs

I've finally bitten the bullet today and really reluctantly raised the postage and packing costs on the Spirit of Old website. I can't honestly remember the last time we did (if ever?) so it must have been many years ago! I know that gradually I've been watching another hike and another by the postal company and knowing that I'll have to give in at some point.

I hadn't realised quite how out of date some of our postage prices were though until I went to the Post Office a few days ago. The customer had paid the standard Spirit of Old P+P cost of £8.50 and the package turned out to cost £26 to post ... so off I went to repackage it a little shorter and managed to post it on it's way for £13. Another package had £10 postage paid but cost over £18 to send ... so you can see my problem and it was time to pass the horrible price hikes on .. sorry folks :~(

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  1. Bonsoir Yabuybum ! Ton univers onirique et apaisant me séduit beaucoup ! je te souhaite une zen soirée !