Saturday, 7 March 2009

Even more pendants!

Even more pendants for you to browse through! These ones are all beads crafted from different woods including yew, rowan and some very special Celtic bog oak (pictured above). As always, they can be purchased as necklaces or woven wristbands.

The bog oak dates from around 400 - 200 BC and was discovered during an archaeological dig in London. The wood is beautifully black and feels full of wonderful energies. On the subject of London, I had an interesting time browsing the internet earlier for tales of early London (I wanted tales around the time that the bog oak originated) to tell you and I was horrified to see that almost all the sites I came across claimed that London was founded by the Romans! Most imply that there was simply nothing there at all before the Romans came but, of course, there was human activity in the area going back into the mists of time ... anyway, I did stumble across this fascinating website which has kept me happily reading all evening. The story of Brutus is not one I've heard before ... enjoy :)

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  1. Hello spirit of old :) Wow what wonderful work... pleased to meet you and I see that you're following the hermitage tales :)
    All the best from the house on wheels