Sunday, 22 March 2009

Stonehenge visit and lots of pottery ...

Did you enjoy the Equinox? We were lucky enough to have a wonderful day ... we packed up all five children and the dog and visited Stonehenge. The weather was perfect for Spring and the sun shone for the whole day. I wanted to share these photos with you ... above: the beautiful sunset, below: a perfect example of the landscape in the area
Above: Silbury Hill, the largest prehistoric man-made mound, below: view of Stonehenge showing the hellish A303

I've had a very busy day today adding more pottery to the website. There are some lovely pieces ... above and below are filled witch bottles. They're packed to the brim with herbs carefully gathered at sacred sites and then sealed with wax.

The picture above is a handfasting bowl. It has been sealed with melted beeswax so it can be used as a ritual cup filled with wine and it can also be used for burning loose incense, cones, candles of smudging. The bindrune is considered to bring everlasting love ... perfect!

Links for these items: Pottery Goddesses, altar lamps, incense bowls, smudging bowls, witch bottles, candle holders and handfasting dish

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