Thursday, 19 March 2009

Witch bottles

Witch bottles are protection "charms" traditionally buried in areas of the house where negative forces can enter - doorways, hearths, etc. Witch bottles dating from the 16th and 17th centuries are sometimes still discovered concealed within old houses in England. The usual contents of these bottles includes iron nails or pins, hair and urine. Other ingredients such as small bones, thorns, pieces of wood and, in a few cases, pieces of fabric cut into the shape of a heart are sometimes found.

Today, in keeping with tradition, they could be buried or simply placed on a shelf or somewhere safe where they will attract positive energies into your home and help to dispel any negative ones.

An interesting example of a historical witch bottle can be found here, some info at Wikipedia can be found here and another website containing information can be found here.

Plenty more pottery to follow over the next week ...

Enjoy the Equinox ... have a wonderful time however you celebrate! 


  1. Oh they are lovely! will be looking for one soon. :)

  2. I have enjoyed discovering your Blog today - I love the pendants in particular, especially the hare pendants.