Thursday, 29 October 2009

Time for a rethink ...

Important announcement

After long consideration we've decided to stop accepting orders to copy the majority of previously made/sold items (please see exceptions list below) from the website until further notice. We are however, happy to continue accepting custom orders. Admittedly, there's bound to be a grey area between custom items and copies so if in doubt, please ask anyway. 

One of the things we pride ourselves on at Spirit of Old is the individuality of the items and the fact that they're not mass-produced but as things progress, more and more time is spent copying previous items and it leaves little time for make fresh new ones. Each piece of wood collected has its own natural spirit and beauty and simply copying items instead of following that creative spirit to make fresh ones tends to kill the sense of creativity.

We sincerely hope that our customers will understand this. It may change again in the future but for now, it should mean you can look forward to seeing far more truly uniquely crafted items added for sale.

Exceptions list - Made to order items we will still be currently crafting:
D051 - Native Celtic Woods - Corresponding Rune sets
D060 - Native Celtic Woods - Real Ogham Staves
D080 - Selected Native Celtic Woods - Real Ogham Staves
TC001 - Celtic Tree Calendar staves
DB005 - Handcrafted leather ogham or rune bag
WB001 - Velvet wand bag

Monday, 19 October 2009

Autumn offer

Autumn Offer

£5 off orders over £50
£10 off orders over £100

Any combination of items
Excludes postage costs

Ends 30th November