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We live in Wessex, southern England near to many ancient sites including Stonehenge, Avebury, Silbury Hill, sacred springs, water meadows, barrow cemeteries, hillforts and ancient woodland. Our wanderings take us though some beautiful landscapes ... please share the experience through the pages of the Spirit of Old blog. 

 About Spirit of Old

Spirit of Old is based in southern Britain. We work and play in the ancient Celtic heartlands where the Durotriges and Atrebates tribes ruled in prehistory. We respectfully gather materials from these sacred places and green spaces to create handcrafted ritual tools with real Celtic soul, something with real spirit.

We individually hand craft wands, athames, jewellery, pendants, pottery items and rune and ogham sets all made from the finest materials. We pride ourselves on the high quality and individuality of our products.

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~*~ Grown by Mother Nature, crafted by Spirit of Old ~*~


  1. I love your website! It has many great items and many great informative sections such as the Book Of Shadows. It is very descriptive and makes it very easy for me to understand. I do have one question, though. Could you use the protective talisman spell on other things than wood?

    1. A bit late for a reply but just found the blog and website. I often use the protective rune on limestone rock which are hag or fearie stones i find on the east Coast of Yorkshire. Just as good and from the Sea Sirens.
      Bright Blessings

      lady Meredith