Monday, 12 April 2010

Competition draw!

Competition draw! 

Every item purchased between now and 20th June will get you one entry into the Spirit of Old draw to win a set of Native woods corresponding ogham staves! For full details please go to the main offers page ..

Good luck!

Monday, 5 April 2010

Flowing springs and Celtic Triskels ...

New items have been uploaded to the main website recently, including the Avalonian Triskel pendant above. The pendant is crafted from midford sandstone found naturally upon Glastonbury Tor and is carved with a Vesica Pisces on one side and a Celtic triskel on the other.

Above: Avalonian sandstone spiral pendant A beautifully simple and timeless pendant carved with a spiral, an ancient symbol of life and lifeforce.
Below: Oak and slate athame Two simple athames where the the natural beauty of the materials really shines out. The slate is a deep, rich grey colour with hints of purple in the light.

Above: The reverse of the Oak and slate triskel athame showing the plain side of the blade and the shaping of the handle.
Below: The detail of the Triskel decoration on the slate blade
Below: The detail on the blade of the Rowan and slate Tree of Life athame

Above and below: Two Petite Avalonian sandstone and Rowan athames. These are such wonderful pieces, so unusual! The sandstone occurs naturally on Glastonbury Tor and the blades are shaped from small pieces it and then coupled with Rowan wood handles. The pictures above and below show the variation that can be found between different trees - both handles are Rowan, but one is cream-coloured with no obvious markings and the other shows off plenty of warm colour changes.

These athames are two of my own favourite items on the website, full of wonderful energies. Each of them will make a wonderful working tool.
We had a wonderful trip out yesterday to gather materials for sets of the corresponding ogham staves and stopped off on the way home at a little village called Cheriton. Near the village is a spring which is the source of the River Itchen and it was in full flow which was lovely to see. It feels like it's been a very long, drawn out winter this year but springtime is here at last!