Saturday, 13 November 2010

Huge selection of new knives!

Wow, I can't begin to tell you how busy we've been in the last couple of weeks between crafting, photographing and listing ... but I hope you'll agree, it's been well worth it because the new knives are both beautiful and wonderful to work with.

There are far too many to show them all here so I've just picked a select few ...

Above: Walnut Bushcarver Pro with rough out blade

Above: Bog Oak Bushcarver Pro with combination blade. The main blade is suited to rough-out work and the flattened tip is designed for finer detail. The handle is carved from ancient bog oak wood, naturally preserved for thousands of years and stained a warm, deep brown by the tannins.

Below: Burr Oak Bushcarver Pro with combination blade. I adore burr oak because of its simply stunning colours and markings.

Above and below: Rowan Owl Character Knife with detail blade. This Wildwood knife has a convex flat detail blade and a rowan wood handle which has been intricately carved with a beautiful owl, full of character.

Below: Another Character Carved knife. This time it's a Blackthorn Eagle Character Knife with detail blade. Can you see the colours in the handle? They range from pale creams through to rich red-browns.

Above: This is my favourite knife of them all from the news ones added. The handle of this Burr Oak Wildwood Carver with detail blade has such a wonderful range of colours and such depth to it that it's impossible to capture in a photograph. It's one of those rare pieces which would give you pleasure to work with every time you pick it up.

Below: Walnut Wildwood Carver with rough out blade and wonderful markings on the handle.

Above: Burr Wych Elm Wildwood Carver with rough out blade
Below: Bog Oak Wildwood Carver with detail blade

The prices for these knives start at £25 and they would make the perfect gift for the crafty person in your life ( ... or even for yourself ... !). Please don't forget though, if you're ordering from outside the UK you'll need to take the last recommended posting dates into consideration as they're currently around three weeks away for outside of Europe.

As always, if you have any queries regarding the knives please feel free to email me, Lou, at

Thanks for looking :~)

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Very special Ogham staves in boxes ...

It's been an absolutely beautiful day today - inbetween days of dreary greyness and seemingly neverending rain! We decided to seize the moment and skip off to the woods to enjoy the sun while it lasted and to also photograph these very special ogham sets with their rowan bark boxes. I love the way the woods look in the background of these pictures ... you can almost see the Fae folk flitting here and there!

These wonderful sets contain the original 20 ogham sticks, each one handcrafted from the traditional corresponding wood. Truly correct ogham sets are extremely rare, if not unheard of but we have gathered each and every type of wood to create these beautiful tools to divination.

We work and play in the ancient Celtic heartlands of Britain where the Durotriges and Atrebates tribes ruled in prehistory. These ogham staves are handcrafted ritual tools with real Celtic soul and they retain the feel of their natural spirit.

The staves are stored within a beautifully rustic rowan bark box. Bark has been used by many cultures throughout time to make containers and this sturdy box has been crafted with natural materials including cedar root which is used to sew the join.

Each set is priced at £100 plus postage and packing and you can find full details (including a list of the woods lower down the page) here.

Autumn colours ...

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Pumpkins, fireworks and new items in the shop ...

We've had a busy, busy couple of weeks! Samhain saw our little ones carving out the pumpkin with great enthusiasm! Did you have a good Samhain?

Then, last night was Bonfire Night here in the UK so there were plenty of fireworks. Littlest One was too scared of the bangs and fizzes so we hid behind the door together and peeped out into the night where the slightly Bigger Ones were enjoying it far more :~)

It's also been a busy time for the Spirit of Old shop aswell and we have several new items freshly listed ...

Below: Alder Raven/ Bran dream pendant in a birch bark box listed here for £50

Above: A very, very special burr oak moon-gazing hare dream pendant in her own birch bark box. You can find her here, priced at £80. She's hard to part with as she's just so beautiful!

Above and below: Two Avalonian bog oak Goddess pendants with spirals on their bellies. Spirals have been used for millennia as a symbol for life and life force. You can find the Goddesses here, priced at £35 each. It's lovely to think that this wood is 6,000 years old and still being treasured. If only it could share its memories!

Above: A new Avalonian bog oak rune set which you can find here for the special price of just £40 which is £10 off the usual listing price of £50. This is very special wood to work with for divination and, who knows? Perhaps it will share its thousands of years of wisdom :~)

As always, thanks for looking!