Friday, 20 November 2009

At long last, the new pendants are finally uploaded and ready for browsing! There are some very, very special pieces as you'll see below. Above, if you look very carefully (or sensibly click on the pic to enlarge it!), you may just see an enormous Faery ring, camouflaged amongst the leaves.

Below you'll find a whole range of beautiful new pendants: Inscribed pendants, carved pendants, an Avalonian Goddess bead and, of course here's also a link to the wristbands mentioned the other day.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Scrumptious new wristbands and bracelets!

A gorgeous new selection of wristbands and bracelets have been added to the main website today! I've juggled the pendants section around a little as it's now more of a jewellery section and you can find the wristbands page here

Wristbands make great gifts for Yule or Christmas (or for yourself!) and we're happy to craft custom wristbands or bracelets. The top two wristbands shown above are woven from cord thonging which gives a thicker weave and the bottom one is made from Irish flax which is beautifully delicate-looking and is very long-lasting. 

Don't forget if there's anything you see that you'd like and would prefer to exchange goods in a trade, make us an offer :)

Next to be added to the site is a whole selection of wonderful new pendants ... watch this space!

Monday, 16 November 2009

Trades offered!

We welcome trades!

Would you like to buy some Spirit of Old items but don't have the cash this year? As the credit crunch is in full swing, we're happy to offer trades this Christmas.

If you make or sell quality items which you'd like to trade, please email with details and photos and we'll be in touch! We'd be especially tempted by suitable things for presents for children ranging from 4 - 15 but will consider whatever you'd like to offer.